Tuned–Ride Engineering Honda CRF450R

Photos: Scott Hoffman

More Than ClampedRideEngCRF450R-2

Ride Engineering is mostly known for making different offset triplecamps for many current motocross bikes. And I’ve known Adrian Ciomo, the owner because his little ankle biting dog is at the track with him chasing my tire as I ride away from my truck or near his, no matter how close I park to this crazy dog and it’s owner. But aside from a yappy dog, Adrian knows how to make a snazzy bike. His 2015 Honda CRF450R is no exception.

Tuned is a new section where we will ride other’s bikes to see how they do it. Project bikes, test mules for companies, bikes that stand out and have something to say. We’ll tell you about the parts and characteristics that might help you dial in your ride. The pictures all contain links if you were wanting to shop for the particular product shown. And by clicking through and buying something you’d be supporting Dirt Bike Test, it is a different kind of business model so we can keep from bombarding you with ads.

Dirt Bike Test took a couple of rides on his bike and though it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the stuff on it. Why? Because this is one of the best Honda CRFs we have ridden as a package–it was an impressive ride. We got the parts list after we rode the machine and here is what stood out.

Anytime I hop on a bike and feel comfortable enough to ride over the front of the bike, I’m a happy motocrosser. This CRF has that.



There is a lot of bling on this bike and some of it is even functional!
The standout trait of this CRF was how it worked as a package. It turned like a CRF, only better. It felt more planted while being lighter. It had smooth CRF power with more and just enough additional character and top end to make it excellent. And the only downside was it bottomed a little too much because I was too heavy for the suspension’s setup.
Most of the power improvements come from the FMF 4.1 system with the Megabomb header. Additionally Adrian runs the stock aggressive map all the time, he removed the backfire screen out of the air filter cage and has the engine’s breather hose opened up and rerouted out of the airbox.
The gearing was stock but it felt like he had added a tooth in pull and dropped a tooth in speed.
Ride Engineering took off a claimed 7 pounds off the bike. Shared between the single sided FMF exhaust, the Ride Engineering Triple clamp, Carbon Raptor footpegs, the removal of screen in air filter cage and the removal of extra vent hoses.
This was our first ride on the new Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tires. We’re impressed. If you liked the hard to find 403/404 combo there is a solution.
The Ride Engineering clamps may be the heart of the handling package and Adrian knows a lot about the different geometries and flex characteristics his clamps can offer. If you are considering changing the way your bike handles, his product is worth investigation and he can point you in the right direction.
On the other side of the suspension was the linkage and pull rods. These parts kept all of the positive traits of the CRF but added confidence for this rider. Better traction and a more planted feel any time the track was rough.
Though the bike did not feel that much lighter when riding it compared to stock it was easier and more confidence inspiring everywhere we rode it.
The bike looks as good as it works and some of the parts have a dual function. The gripper seat is a good example.


Even with suspension set up for a lighter rider the bike was not sloppy, loose or wallowly. There was the control you search for.
The standout product on this bike was the strength and feel of the front brake. When I mentioned it Adrian smiled and pointed at this. Works level braking!
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Parts List:

FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Full Exhaust System (Single) $849.95
Shock Therapy Fork & Shock Revalve for 150lb intermediate rider $450
Two Rates Softer Shock Spring $99.95
Raptor Pegs $349.95
Pro Taper SX Racer Fusion Handlebars $129.95
Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Lever Assembly $139.95
Pro Taper Profile Pro Brake Lever $69.95
Renthal Chain and Sprocket Kit (stock gearing) R1 Works Chain $84.95, Grooved Front $25.95, Ultralight Grooved Rear $69.95, Kevlar Grips $19.95
FLU Designs Graphic Kit $165.00
SDG Pleated Seat Cover $65.99
Ride Engineering 21mm Offset Triple Clamp Set $499.90
Ride Engineering 1 1/8” One Piece Anti-twist Bar Mount $104.95
Ride Engineering Soft Polyurethane Cone Kit $24.95
Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Caliper $399.95
Ride Engineering Braided Steel Front Brake Line $69.95
Ride Engineering Braided Steel Rear Brake Line $57.95
Ride Engineering Brake Line Mounting Bracket $34.95
Ride Engineering Full CRF Linkage System $449.90
Ride Engineering Axle Blocks ($47.95), Motor plugs ($41.95), Oil Cap ($21.95), Dip Stick ($34.95)
Ride Engineering Front & Rear Locking Wheel Spacers ($31.95/pr), Brake Clevis ($44.95), Front & Rear Master Cylinder Covers ($26.95 & $23.95)
DT1 Air Filter (removed stock screen) $28.95
Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Tires

For more detailed information about Ride Engineering and this bike see http://www.ride-engineering.com/