Tuned: 2023 Yamaha YZ450FX Desert Spec

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Yamaha’s YZ450FX. The bike is very versatile and most all of our testers can find comfort in any terrain. Pair that with some of its adjustability like the GYTR Power Tuner App and its capable KYB suspension and it’s a tough package to beat. We took our test steed out to the desert for some triple digit temperature testing, only when the sun went down. District 37 has brought back some night desert races and we felt this was the perfect proving grounds for the YZFX. Take a look at what we went racing with setup wise and how it performed.

TCS Powersports has our suspension dialed in with 5.0 fork springs, a 5.7 shock spring, valving, and an A-Kit KYB part in the fork.
We bolted up the Modified Machine Works light system and ran it straight off the bike using a WR450F stator and flywheel, along with a Fire Power Li-Ion Battery.
Guts Racing’s RJ Wing Seat with the Tall Foam is a welcomed change for both the height and the extra grip with our legs using the wings.
Our gearing is 14/52 for a smooth power and smoother chassis feel. We also get a little more top end and don’t have to rev the bike as much in the faster sections.
GPR Stabilizer’s new V5D Pro Kit includes a split triple clamp and V5 steering dampener. The new split clamp is much better than the old solid design and doesn’t bring much harshness like the previous design did.
Though many thought we were crazy, the Dunlop MX12 scoop tire worked incredibly in the desert — especially as the course broke in and got softer. It lasted just under 2 hours before it really went away, but we kept it on for the full 3.5 hours and ran with little to no center knobs.
This car grill mesh is easer and cleaner to install than standard chicken wire and looks better too. You can click through our Amazon link and find some there for cheap.

A rough start and an early race crash left us sucking dust, but we ended up 4th O/A at the Lost Angels MC Night Desert Race in a solo effort.

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