Tour Of Idaho Video

The Unsupported Off-Road Adventure Across Idaho

Follow Jimmy Lewis and his trusty KTM500EXC on an unsupported dirt bike ride from the Utah state line to near the boarder of Canada. 1400- plus miles across Idaho south to north on single-track, two-track and a very limited amount of pavement over eight days seeing sights and making tracks were very few challenge to ever go. The hour-long documentary will inspire you to possibly do the same adventure. At the end of the video are links to gets the necessary maps and tracks logs with a promo code to support this production.

We suggest you watch this on a big screen as the scenery is impressive.

Help make projects like this video possible by clicking through to this link and entering promo code DBTTOI at checkout to be entered into a drawing to win a full master collection of Butler Maps, a $230 value.

If you are interested in doing the Tour Of Idaho the best resource for information is the Butler Map featuring the entire 1400-mile overview route including all major trail junctions, bailout sections as well as various route options.  It is a 45-page 6″ x 9″ rider flipbook with complete level of detail. Printed on tearproof / waterproof paper. 7.5–minute, 1:100,000-scale.

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  1. John Lindemann

    Great film. Those are adventure feet. i hope they dried out without leaving any permanent damage 🙂


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