Tech Talk Taco Tuesday #8

So good you’ll have to watch it…Or listen to it. This week Jimmy comes to you from the Dirt Bike Test shop where he gets into a few listener questions like how to choose a bike for Baja, how long some parts last (and how not to follow the strict words written in your owners manual), why we don’t test every bike made and a discussion about the prototype Christini KTM 1190 Adventure he is currently testing. He also complains, as usual about goofballs coming off as experts all the while letting his tacos get soggy so you don’t have to watch (or listen) to him eat. This show is growing and where else can you have your questions answered by an expert that isn’t being paid to tell you how it really is. (at least not yet, we are excepting sponsors for this feed…) So get in line and ask some questions in the reply thread below and most likely we’ll answer them next week.

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Tech Talk Taco Tuesday #8

Publicado por en Martes, 2 de abril de 2019

That All-Wheel Drive ADV bike we are all talking about:

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