Tech Talk Taco Tuesday #7 / Electric Bikes, Klim Tactical and Crappy Freezing Internets

Tech Talk Taco Tuesday #7 / Jimmy gives an interesting view on Electric Dirt Bikes, chats about durability and throws in a few nuggets of knowledge.

After Honda unveils a new electric CRE motocross bike Jimmy lets in on his feelings and history on the shockingly infantile E bike world. Then we talk durability, some converting an emissions bike into a race bike tricks, Klim’s Tactical protection makes the test list and don’t forget our trusty Honda CRF450X update. Plus we battle the internets for bandwith, like always…

YouTube Video (without the drops):

Facebook live (with drops so it is like wanting to kill your connection):

Tech Talk Taco Tuesday #7

Posted by on Tuesday, March 26, 2019


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