LEXX $199 KTM Pipe Review

Can a $199 Exhaust Be any Good?

Jimmy Lewis installs a Lexx DuraFlow Exhaust on a KTM 300 TPI and takes it for a ride. What does he think? Check out the video below to find out.

Simply put the exhaust is a little more robust than the stock system made from claimed 18-gauge steel. It is Nickle plated to keep it looking good, made in China according to the packaging and in all measurements, we took it was very similar to the stock KTM pipe for this bike. It weighs just a bit more (10 OZ.) and bolts right on. Performance-wise it was nearly identical to the stock exhaust taking a picky rider to notice any difference. If anything the pipe gave better low-end throttle response and might have fell off a little in the mid-range before coming back just like stock on top into the over-rev. The difference in feel was like adjusting the powervalve spring tension about 1/8-turn if you want a comparison. At $199 it is a great replacement for the $480 stock pipe and would go head-to-head with any of the aftermarket pipes if you like and prefer the standard power delivery.


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