Letter Of The Week–Yamaha WR or FX?


I am old, have been riding since I was 12, thus I do know how to ride, just not to fast anymore. My question is which Yamaha to buy. We have just a few woods type places to ride in North Carolina, so I end up going to the MX track. I don’t really enjoy that as much as when I was young but its the closest place to ride. When I go for the weekend, then I can go woods riding. My question is which one? I know this is a tough one but you’ve ridden both and hopefully can give my your insights.

Thanks in advance for your time and help,

Hendersonville, NC



This is actually an easy one. The WR is a better trail-only bike, but it is just too soft, both power and suspension, for the track. The FX is designed as a off-road racer and with that has more aggressive suspension and motor settings that work well for a recreational track rider yet do not punish a slower trail rider off-road like a strict motocross bike does. It is simple with some small suspension adjustments to make the FX pretty compliant for a trail riding pace. Additionally the motor, through the Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner can be made as docile as the WR or as wickedly wild as the YZ motocrosser. Simply put you are looking for the most versatile bike and the FX is that machine.

Have fun roosting!