Letter Of The Week–Yamaha Loyal?

Yamaha Loyal, Yamaha Next?


I have been riding Yamahas since 2003 starting with YZ250F for local track use and occasional race. In 2005 I added a WR450 to the garage and used that for over 12,000 miles in CA and Baja. I now have a 2009 WR450 with 180 plus hours on it and will replace it eventually with a new fuel injected WR 450. Needless to say I am satisfied with the durability of the Yamaha off road bikes and the GYTR line of products are of good quality.

I have an 11 year-old son that is riding an 85 now.  We either ride at local tracks or go to the desert for the weekend. I am looking real seriously at the YZ250FX for riding at the track with my son, SRA G.P’s and desert enduro rides. Given what I am going to use it for would you recommend it over the YZ250F.

To me it seems to be the logical choice. I ride at an expert pace for enduros and intermediate level for moto/GP’s, the longer the race the better for me.


Eric F.test-yamYZ250fx-25


Speaking Yamaha only, and by no means are they your only choice, this is actually a pretty easy question. I’d move him to a Yamaha YZ125 as the next stepping stone. The 125 will do just about anything the YZ250FX will but it is less expensive, just as durable, easier to work on, lighter, less powerful and more familiar to someone familiar with two-stroke power. The 125 will also teach him to stay in the power and shift more often and at the right time. The overall lower weight of the bike is very confidence inspiring for the smaller riders too. And never discount the skill of knowing how to kick-start a bike, even though we all hate to do that.2015-Yamaha-YZ125-12

Of the Yamaha 250Fs, the FX would be a good choice and due to your mix of riding the right choice, especially for the suspension and gear box changes the FX has over the YZ motocrosser. But going from an 85 to a 250F is a huge jump for any kid. Sure it might be nice to only have to worry about bringing out one can of straight gas, but that is pretty minor. Now if you are looking at the bike as one you can ride, along with your son, it is a matter of compromises. You will be blown away with how far that bike has come since your YZ250F. Now about wanting a new WR450, well my hunch is that you should wait a little while as I suspect something very new in that arena from Yamaha pretty soon.


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