Inside Look At A DC Racing Factory Sherco

It’s rare that you see a Sherco outside of a hard enduro race here in America, and even then they aren’t the bike of choice for most racers and enthusiasts. However, they’ve been increasing their US efforts in the past few years with the FactoryONE Sherco Team hosting Cody Webb and Cooper Abbott in the US Hard Enduro Series and housing the Baylor brothers in the GNCC Series at one point. For 2023, they’ve again increased their presence in off-road racing, handing down support to the DC Racing squad who is contesting the AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship and select NGPC and NHHA races in 2023.With defending AMA WHS Pro 250 champ Mason Ottersberg and teammates Robby Schott and Jack Anderson under the tent, the team has some talent and the ability to win races and stack the podium this year. Let’s take a look at what went into making this bike what it is as they continually develop it for West Coast Off-Road racing. The team says the bike is far from done, but they feel confident enough in it to go racing and have already had success in the WHS and NHHA races.

The team is traditionally supported by IMS, but with no Sherco tank molds available, they are using the stock Sherco tanks and old scool dump cans for refueling during races.


As of now, their motors are very stock but they are in the middle of testing some factory heads in an effort to get more power out of these bikes to compete against the likes of Factory KTM and Husqvarna motors in the 250 class.
Rocket Exhaust’s aren’t something you see much of but they are fully supportive of the DC team and will make changes to the exhausts based on their rider’s feedback and bike setup.

While many bikes in the NGPC Pro Pits are running aftermarket linkages, the team is on stock components with little aftermarket products available for these bikes.
Overall, the bike looks and feels very production. Some of the other smaller brands like TM are handmade and look the part too, whereas the Sherco is like most other OEMs out there.

Since most of their racing is in the woods, the team runs a fan to keep temps down during their 2.5+ hour races.
Precision Concepts handled the suspension duties using the stock KYB components.
The team runs Mousse Balls and is very pleased with the performance and especially durability of them.
SXS Skid Plates protects the under carriage of the Sherco.
Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Gaurds are a common sight at off-road races.

The oil filter sits right about the coutnershaft, something quite different than on most modern bikes.


The G2 Ergonomics Throttle mates to a single cable rather than the “push and pull” design most often seen on four-strokes.
GPR Stabilizer graces the front end of the Sherco’s.
The team runs the Fasst Co Flexx Handlebars 12* Moto Low bend to soften the blow during long races.

Tool less clicker adjsutments anyone?

Instead of running the headlight and shell, the team makes a custom bracket and uses an older CRF front number plate.
To get a better angle with the chain slider, the team uses a small spacer underneath to lift it up a few millimeters.

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