First Ride: 2023 Yamaha WR450F

The WR Is Getting Aggressive!

The Yamaha WR line has been a favorite of many riders for a long time. Going back to the two-stroke WR250, the groundbreaking WR400F four-stroke and continuing on in these tough times for bikes with lights and quiet mufflers. Yamaha continues to develop and transform the WR into a versatile off-road machine.

Listen in and watch as Jimmy Lewis breaks down what the WR is and how well it does what it was designed for.

Some notes we have found after some additional testing;

-Currently, the GYTR Comp ECU requires that you do a long hold on the kill button after the bike is shut down to have the ECU go into sleep mode and turn off the taillight, odometer, and map switch light (if equipped).

-In the video, we say you can go up to 80 miles on a full tank. Well, you’d better be very thrifty on the throttle to stretch out that kind of mileage. We should have also mentioned we could run it dry in 35 miles in the sand!



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