First Look: ALL NEW 2024 Yamaha WR450F

As expected, Yamaha’s big bore enduro model, the WR450F, receives all the new updates that the 2024 YZ450FX received, now mimicking the YZ450F motocrosser. From the ground up, the WR450F is all new with a revised chassis, a new engine, all new bodywork, and drastically different suspension settings fitted in the KYB coil-spring SSS components.

Starting with the engine, the 450cc engine boasts “larger 39mm-diameter intake valves, a new piston, conrod, revised bearings, optimized crank mass inertia and a dry sump oil tank with an integrated generator cover.” The bLU cRU engineers lightened up many of the internal engine parts like the piston, cylinder, crank assembly, and more for a whole unit that is claimed to be 2+ lbs lighter than the previous generation. Per usual, the 2024 WR450F features specific ECU settings tuned specifically for this bike which are to offer tractability at low speeds and high power at medium to fast-speeds. The engne can be tuned with three different Traction Control settings — High, Low, or Off.

The WR engine still houses a 5-speed wide-ration transmission, though it’s now stacked vertically in a tri-shaft layout like the YZ450F. The clutch is actuated by a single disc-spring and the outer basket and primary gear are a single steel unit.

The KYB suspension is back but with big changes. Utilizing coil springs front and rear, both ends are 10mm lower (like the new YZ450FX), which can have a profound affect on handling. The lower center of gravity changes the feel and handling and is claimed to improve “low-speed maneuverability” and cornering. Additionally, the fork compression clickers can be changed by hand as they have knobs to hand adjust trackside.

The new chassis and bodywork is slimmer and more compact with updated ergonomics and a rider triangle. The seat is flatter, the pegs are lower, and the triangle is more open than before. The chassis is nearly identical to the YZ450F, but with specific engine mounts designed for off-road use.

The fuel tank holds 2.0 gallons, down 0.2 gal from last year. The usual skid plate, 18 in rear wheel, kickstand, speedo, etc. all come standard on the “enduro” model. The bike retails for $10,199 and will be available in November.

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