First Look: 2024 Husqvarna MX & XC Models

2024 Husqvarna FC450

It’s new model season and after the news of 2024 KTM’s dropping last week, Husqvarna has released their 2024 Motocross and Cross Country models. The release sees all eight models return: FC450, FC350, FC250, TC250, TC125, FX450, FX350, and TX300.

2024 Husqvarna TX300

Like the KTM’s, all models see suspension refinements, some big and some small, across the board. The FC/TC motocross models see revised settings grace the WP XACT air forks and shock with an aim at improving cornering agility.

2024 Husqvarna FC250
2024 Husqvarna FC350

In the off-road side, the three FX/TX models are fit with a closed cartridge spring fork at the front of the bike. Unlike the open cartridge XPLOR spring fork that is fit upon the dual sport and enduro models, this fork is more of a performance oriented fork that uses a “mid-valve piston designed to optimize oil flow and prevent foaming for consistent and predictable damping at all times. A hydrostop, active in the final 68 mm of travel, reduces the impact of harsh and high-speed landings for continued straight line stability and forward momentum.” The new components still boast toll-less compression and rebound adjusters, making adjustments easy to do on the fly.

2024 Husqvarna FX450

The FX and TX models have 300mm of travel front and rear (same as the 2024 KTM XC models), while the FC and TC models have 305mm (front) and 293mm (rear) of travel.

2024 Husqvarna FX350

Additionally, the six-speed FX350 now offers the Quickshift function (2023 models can be outfitted with this after a software update).

2024 Husqvarna TC250

All models also received an updated gripper seat cover.

2024 Husqvarna TC125

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