First Look: 2023 Husqvarna Minicycles

Husqvarna dropped the curtain on their first 2023 models with the unveiling of their minicycle lineup including the TC50, TC65, and TC85’s (small wheel and big wheel versions). Largely unchanged, the biggest revision across the board are the use of Maxxis MX-ST tires on all mini bikes. The Husky minibikes have come equipped with Maxxis SI tires for a few years now, but they’ve made the switch to the newest offering from Maxxis that are more performance/MX oriented than the classic SI tires. Of course, bold new graphics strike a new look to signify the new model year.

The TC65 is the only of these models to receive updates outside of the tire and graphics change. Front and rear, the Formula brake calipers are now floating which are designed to increase braking performance. Out back, Husqvarna bumped up the rear rotor size from 160mm to 180mm, increasing stopping power. Serious minicycle racers often swap out their rear brake systems for upgraded components on the Austrian minibikes, so it’ll be interesting to see if these changes are enough to warrant running stock brakes front and rear moving forward. In addition to the brakes, the clutch has been updated for durability reasons and to improve performance.

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