First Look: 2021 Husqvarna MX/XC Models

New Look, New Technology

The Husqvarna crew has finally given us the inside scoop on the 2021 MX and XC model range, and some hefty changes are in store for the new bikes. The entire FC lineup (FC450, FC350, and FC250) is receiving the new Connectivity Unit to go along with the Technical Accessory Husqvarna Motorcycles App. Like the KTM, this will allow you to alter the mapping and characteristics of your engine with just a smartphone. We praise the Yamaha app nearly every time we ride the bike, so we suspect more of the same with the new Husky app!

In addition to the BOLD new graphics for ‘21, Husky also changed a few things up for the new year on both the MX and XC big bike models. All of the WP XACT forks utilize a new mid-valve which are housed inside 10mm shorter outer fork tubes and fork cartridges. The shorter tubes and cartridges are claimed to optimize flex characteristics. Additionally, the rear linkage boasts new low friction seals, as seen on the 2020.5 FC450 Rockstar Edition earlier this year. Some other minor changes include a new seat cover designed for a little more comfort. Some testers felt the old seat covers were a bit too aggressive and caused chafing, so this could be a welcomed addition. Finally, the two-strokes see new roller actuated throttle assemblies that are supposed to smoothen out the motion.

The Husky mini bikes see some minor refinements for the new model year with the TC85 receiving most of the changes. It too sees the new throttle assembly that the big bikes received, a new seat cover, and new Formula brake and clutch components. The TC65 and TC50 now have a new NEKEN handlebar mounted up as the big change for 2021.

Continuing on the path of technology and evolution, the EE 5 electric minicycle is back to capture the attention of our youth in a simple manner. To serve as a stepping stone to the EE 5, Husqvarna has now partnered with STACYC to offer a Factory Replica electric powered balance bicycle. It serves as a simpler transition with a range of power adjustments to get your little grom comfortable with balance, braking, and accelerating techniques before hopping on a real dirt bike.

Changes aren’t overly abundant for 2021, with the biggest surrounding the new tuning app and Connectivity Unit. This has been a standout feature on the Yamaha four-strokes for a couple of years now, and we feel the Husky will benefit just as much with the newfound adjustability. Additionally, this is likely the final year before a big revamp based off of the standard three year cycle that Husky has been on so look for a heavily updated lineup next year…