DBT Ram Truck Build Introduction

Building A Truck To Haul Bikes



If you are a dirt biker, you typically have a truck. There are exceptions, (generally vans) but every survey we ever did at the motorcycle magazines showed this fact. Dirt Bikers drive trucks. From brand new $80,000 diesel trucks to third-hand ranch rigs hauling a bike worth three times the truck. And most riders like their trucks as much as their bikes. Some are just happy getting around while others have the stamp of pride and joy. There is brand loyalty. And most have a look they like to have. With years of hauling bikes to the track and trails, we have learned a few things in truck setup with an eye for getting your bike or bikes wherever you take them.

So I’m a bit more on the thrifty side and as much as I wanted a brand new truck, my wallet got the wiser of me. Or my practical side kicked in. See, I know I like to use my truck, from hauling bikes to driving down little dirt roads. We call it Nevada pin striping sometimes. And that first scratch really hurts. The first time a tie down swings over the side of the bed ending with a clanking noise. And I really like leaning alongside my truck not worrying too much about the zipper or button on my pants making a mark in the paint.You can lean on my truck too. Maybe even lean a bike up along side of it–if you don’t have a kickstand.

First step is going to be prepping the bed for bike hauling. The most important step for dirt bikers really. As anyone who has had a recently built truck will attest, the thinner steal or aluminum used in truck beds these days is great for fuel economy but does little for having a bike strapped in the back. So some precautions are in order for where you tie the bike or bikes and then some things that are very useful.

Our basic bed improvement includes a CCR Sport Protrack Moto Transport Kit, an AMP Research BedXTender HD, a Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat and a Bestop Trekstep. These are products we have had experience with in the past and have become accustomed to having them do what they do.

The CCR Sport Protrack is the latest motorcycle tie-down bar from the company. We’ve been using the Bed Buddy on a few of our trucks and we love it. But after having a Nissan with a similar adjustable setup, we love the customization available with the Protrack. 

Next up is the AMP BedXTender. It basically takes the shortbed and makes it a longbed when you need it. Like every time you haul a bike. We don’t have a truck without one of these in it.

This little gem may appeal to those of us getting a bit older and not so chipper to jump right up into the bed of the truck. We’ve used the AMP version of the same thing so we gave the Bestop Trekstep a shot this time. It is basically a fold-down step that sits just below the bumper and gives you an extra step when getting into the bed of the truck. 

Last but not least is this Dee Zee Bed Mat. This thick rubber mat not only protects the bed but adds traction and keeps things from sliding around. And we’ve used it to get the truck out of a few places in a pinch. Yes, rubber mats can work wonders in sand or even in mud if the circumstances get you to that point.

So were installing these parts now and will get back to you on how they perform in the very near future. If you have questions or suggestions, be sure to comment below and we’ll respond to the good stuff!

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