Crashes, Passes, and Carnage: Racing Endurocross As An Amateur

After a disappointing showing at the Las Vegas Endurocross back in August, I decided to try my luck again with Endurocross at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA, a mere 40 minutes from the house. With District 37’s involvement with the local SoCal round, I entered the District 37 Club Challenge – the top 2 members of a participating club are scored to get earn the Club Cup – for Prairie Dogs MC and the D37/Big6 Pro Invitational. I immediately felt more comfortable on this track then I did at Vegas until the qualifying was over and they added an extra log to the end of the matrix. From that point on, it was all downhill from there as you can see in the videos.

As a result of the local D37 riders not being experienced in Endurocross, crashes and carnage everywhere ensued and provided the fans and racers with the best racing of the night:

Here’s my full qualifying race where I come from a 2nd turn crash to almost pass for 2nd by the checkered flag:

From the stands: