Blurred Lines: 2023 Alpinestars Ride Day

Alpinestars just hosted the moto media, their star athletes, and a host of other industry personnel and important people at Perris Raceway to conclude the summer and racing with the launch of their 2023 apparel lineup. Temps were in the triple digits and smoke filled the air late in the day, but Perris, CA was the place to be for moto enthusiasts. Top pro riders on site included Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Jett and Hunter Lawrence, their premiere US athletes who just capped off a dominant year in AMA Supercross and Motocross. Enjoy this deep look into the event from every angle through the lens of Trevor Hunter.

In case you were wondering, Eli Tomac looks very comfy aboard the new YZ450F for 2023. In a quick chat with him, his biggest stipulation before signing his 2023 contract was to ride the bike on his Supercross track. Considering he’s back on with Star Yamaha to defend his Supercross crown and how he looked at Perris, it’s safe to say he’s a fan of the new gen Yamaha.

Oakley ad anyone?

Eli was on rails all day and it was pretty special to see.
The AStars crew had all colorways and gear sets on display for us and we’re digging the ’23 look across the board.
The four different gear lines include Racer (closest), Fluid, Techstar, and SuperTech. The SuperTech is their premiere gearset and features the latest and greatest in technology and design.
Alpinestars released their own line of helmets a few years ago and they continue to push the “Alpinestars Protects” theme as we see more and more helmets on the track.
Interestingly, they now have a line of goggles, though that wasn’t a focus tonight and no one was wearing them on the track.
In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of “see-through” jersey material on Pro riders and that’s now making its way to the public in the form of the SuperTech jersey.
The TechStar fit is an athletic fit with some ventilation, one of our favorites for comfort and performance.
These new buckles featured on the SuperTech and TechStar pants are a quick pull away from releasing, negating the need for two hands to unbuckle your pants.
Plain and flashy colors are in the catalogue for 2023.
Both Perris MX and Alpinestars have a rich heritage in this sport and it is only fitting the two icons teamed up for this event.
Some of the Pro riders have these custom panels on the inside of their boots, likely for added grip and optimal foot/leg placement. Seen here on Hunter Lawrence.
What’s it look like to hurd a bunch of moto heads for a photo while a freshly prepped track is waiting? Wonder no more.

Jett looks pretty dang good on the 450.

Low rider.
In true Jett fashion, he resorted to some goon riding throughout the day. Even then, he was faster than 90% of the riders on track.
2/3 of Australia’s MXdN team.
Take a close look at Hunter’s boots and you’ll see he’s in Tech 7’s.

More gear tech from Alpinestars!

These all red Tech 10’s are all the rage right now and there’s no wondering why.
TechStar jerseys have some breathability for 2023.

Nearby fires saw ash covering everything in sight, including the AStars helmets on display.

Chase Sexton took a big leap in consistency and a small leap in speed to challenge Tomac for the Pro Motocross title. Looking at his form, it’s hard to find a fault.

Chase was pushing some speed despite his season being in the rear view.


These two, plus Jason Anderson, accounted for 23/24 moto wins and 11/12 Overall wins this summer. Impressive lineup under the Astars tent.
This clean CR250 belonged to one of the Alpinestars guys.

This ’23 YZ450F was adorned with the big #1 and some GYTR bits and pieces for Eli.

A small peak into 2023.

Kris Keefer of Racer X/Keefer Inc.
Ryan Nitzen of Cycle News/Corner Coach.
Dustin Hoffman, part time DBT photo model.

Mikayla “Kay Kay” Nielsen is a Women’s Pro off-road racer and likely the future of that class here on the west coast. She still throws down on a moto track for an off-road girl.
She’s one of Alpinestars athletes that was invited out for the press launch.
El Hombre.

Jason’s ressurgence this year saw him reach rare air in being the only rider to nab multiple Overall victories away from Eli and Chase this summer.
With split practices for the kids, we saw the Pro’s get out and ride with the future of the sport. They had fun with it.
Little stoppie for The Jett.

Watch and learn.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

From the bike to the gear, we liked out setup!
That’s a wrap. See you next year.

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