2022 250F XC Comparison Opinions: Matt Mattoon

Matt Mattoon

Age: 25 | 168lbs | 5’10” | Off-Road Intermediate | Personal Bike: KTM

We’ve gathered up the lions share of the 2022 250F Off-Road Racing bikes with a Yamaha YZ250FX, Kawasaki KX250X, Honda CRF250RX, and GasGas EX250F. With a few days of testing back-to-back on each bike, we’re taking you through our riders thoughts and rankings on the individual bikes.

Listen in as Matt Mattoon gives you a quick rundown on his thoughts on the current crop of 250F XC racers and how/why he ranked them the way he did.


1. Yamaha YZ250FX

2. Honda CRF250RX

3. Kawasaki KX250X

4. GasGas EX250F

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