2020 KTM SX/XC Model Lineup Revealed

Two-Stroke Revolution

Ahh, it’s that time of year again. Almost 5 months into the year, and new model year info is starting to drip out with KTM leading the charge with their SX and XC models. With an all new bike launching just last year for all of the SX and XC models, changes are minimal for 2020 albeit with one exception — new two-strokes! The two-stroke XC lineup is now fuel injected with KTM’s proprietary TPI (Transfer Port Injection) system similar to what the XC-W lineup has been running over the years. Additionally, the photos indicate that the kickstarter has been removed, but the cases will still accept a kickstarter if you desire one. Less weight and less moving parts has been KTM’s MO for the last several years and this fits right in with that ideology. This serves as the first racing oriented two-stroke model range to receive the innovative design, which will likely lead to the SX lineup receiving the changes in the next few years. In addition, KTM introduced a big wheel (19”/16”) 85cc to its lineup. The bike is modeled after its current small wheel (17”/14”) version with just the bigger wheels to aid taller riders.


All bikes from the mini’s to the big bikes received new graphics to update the look for the new model year. Additionally, all bikes are now outfitted with WP’s XACT fork and shock. They new components don a new name, but retain the same design as the previous AER 48 air fork and coil-spring shock. Updated settings front and rear and a new piston in the fork handle a majority of the updates for the non-TPi bikes. The SX-F lineup consists of the standard 450cc, 350cc, and 250cc offerings while the SX lineup hasn’t departed from the 250cc, 150cc, and 125cc two-stroke options.


The 450 SX-F is adding a tooth to the rear bumping up to a 49T sprocket. Additionally, both the 150 SX and the 125 SX feature a screw and diaphragm spring to hold the countershaft sprocket in place rather than the circlip method used on the other models. Additionally, the reeds are updated to seal better against the case and offer better performance. Finally, a new kickstart intermediate gear boasts better durability.

The XC-F lineup is piloted by the big 450 XC-F which features a new piston design for better performance and reliability. The new TPi two-strokes also boasts an updated air pressure sensor for better acclimation in altitude changes. The exhaust now has a unique corrugated design that’s claimed to offer better durability and performance while saving some weight. The XC-F lineup features 450cc, 350cc, and 250cc models in the four-stroke department while the XC lineup consists of the 300 TPI and 250 TPI.

In the minicycle ranks, the small wheel 85 SX and big wheel 85SX have new silencers with altered packing for a 40g weight savings. The 65 SX now comes with an extra alternative needle for more tuning with jetting specs and a change in the ignition curve. The 50 SX also boats a new aluminum swingarm to improve stability and offer easier chain adjustment. The smallest 50 SX Mini is the final bike in the lineup and doesn’t receive any changes other than some BNG. The minicycle range consists of the 85cc big wheel, 85cc small wheel, 65cc, 50 SX, and 50 SX Mini.

2020 MY bikes will be available in dealers soon.

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