2020 Honda Models Announced

2020 Honda Lineup

Riding the high of their recent 250SX East Supercross Championship with Chase Sexton and the Geico Honda effort, Honda released news on their 2020 performance and trail oriented off-road motorcycle lineups. Back again for the new model year are the same 12 models ranging from the fire breathing CRF450RWE to the timeless CRF50F, Honda has just about every rider covered in terms of a bike suited for the terrain. While no bikes are new from the ground up, they did announce some interesting developments with their flagship 450cc race models.

CRF450RWE | CRF450R | CRF450RX

In true Honda fashion, they’re developments are pushing the boundaries further and further for 2020 with a traction control like system now featured on these 450cc four-strokes. Named the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), the system is able to measure the rate of change in RPM and modulate it accordingly in an effort to maximize rear wheel traction. To adjust, there is a handlebar map switch (another switch on the handlebars?!?) with three different levels to appeal to different rider preferences. In addition, Big Red made suspension setting changes and relocated the battery for claimed better mass centralization and handling. With 450cc motorcycles having more than enough power than the average rider needs, and the Honda being on the aggressive side, we’re interested to see how it stacks up with our riders who didn’t necessarily like all of the Honda’s power output in our 450cc MX Shootout last year. The CRF450RWE also receives a Ti Yoshimura header to match the Ti mufflers and some new Renthal grips. 

CRF450R: $9,399; Availability: July 2019

CRF450RWE: Price: $11,999; Availability: August 2019

CRF450RX: $9,699; Availability: October 2019


CRF250R | CRF250RX

Fresh off a recent 250SX East Supercross Championship and 2-4 finishes in the 250SX East/West Showdown at the Vegas Supercross, Honda’s CRF250R receives quite a few more updates again in 2020. Similar to the 2019 CRF250R and our recent bike test, Honda aimed at improving the bottom end power once again with a new cam profile, revised valves, and a new combustion chamber. Similar to the 2019 Honda 450, it also receives a new frame and swingarm to save weight while altering handling characteristics. Finally, the battery location has been moved and suspension settings are updated.

CRF250R: $7,999; Availability: July 2019

CRF250RX: Price: $8,299; Availability: October 2019

CRF450X | CRF450L

After a major overhaul and a new launch to the CRF450X and CRF450L respectively, 2020 sees some bold new graphics graced upon these machines. After our bike tests on these two bikes, we don’t feel that they need to change a whole lot to improve. They may not work as good as some bikes in certain conditions, but they do work better than other bikes in other conditions. It’s a give-and-take in the off-road segment and each bike shines in its own way.

CRF450X: $9,799; Availability: September 2019

CRF450L: Price: $10,399; Availability: October 2019


CRF150R | CRF150R Big Wheel

The 150cc motocrossers were introduced quite a few years ago now and like many minicycles, have been largely unchanged over the years. Again, no changes were made for 2020.

CRF150R: $5,099; Availability: August 2019

CRF150R BW: Price: $5,299; Availability: August 2019

CRF250F | CRF125F/BW | CRF110F | CRF50F

The Honda trail lineup sees the return of the easy-to-ride and family friendly models with a range allowing riders to step up a level as they continue to grow and learn. With ties back to the Z50 and XR75 days, the Honda Trail models are unchanged for 2020, but get the job done.

CRF250F: $4,599; Availability: August 2019

CRF125F: Price: $3,099; Availability: July 2019

CRF125F BW: $3,499; Availability: July 2019

CRF110F: Price: $2,399; Availability: July 2019

CRF50F: $1,549; Availability: July 2019

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