2020 Beta Models Announced – New Counter Balanced Two-Strokes

All New For The Italians

Not to be left out, Beta USA has announced their 2020 model lineup with quite a few changes to the Italian machines for the new year. Most notably, the two-stroke range is all new with a redesigned engine, chassis, and design characteristics. Their goal for the entire lineup of bikes is for increased rideability and ease of use. 

Two-Stroke Lineup:

Where do we start? Similar to the Austrian brands, Beta has introduced a counter balancer to their 250cc/300cc two-stroke engines to combat vibration and help smooth out the power delivery. Interestingly enough, the Beta cases have been setup to have a counter balancer for the past few years, they just haven’t implemented one until now. Also, the 250cc two-stroke receives a new cylinder head for improved torque at lower RPMs. The smaller bore 125cc/200cc two-strokes have several revisions to the cylinder, head, and exhaust for a claimed broader power delivery and increased power throughout the range.  Additionally, the two-strokes feature an oil injection system (still have a carburetor though) across the two-stroke lineup making mixing gas a thing of the past for Beta owners. 

In the chassis department, a new frame boasts new geometry and rigidity specs. The frame is also narrower at the base to reduce weight and optimize handling characteristics in off-road terrain. The 200RR now has a longer swingarm for better stability. Onto the subframe, the entire airbox/air boot has been redesigned for easier filter maintenance (something we struggled with in the past), while also increasing strength and allowing for all electrical components and premix storage to be housed inside the rear end. 

The suspension components have been revised as well with updated valving, a new rear shock bumper, and a new inner cartridge in the fork. To keep the bike running cool, some of the radiator hoses are now routed inside the frame for more effective cooling and presumably to keep them better protected. The two-stroke range bumps up the fuel capacity to 2.55 gallons and with it comes updated ergonomics to match the new bodywork. Wider handlebars, updated foot pegs, and a new rear brake pedal add up more ergonomic changes. 

Four-Stroke Lineup:

Beta made a big effort with their four-stroke engine’s aiming to reduce weight and moving parts and better centralizing the mass. To do so, they the clutch is raised up and the crankshaft backwards in the motor closer to the swingarm pivot. New magnesium clutch and ignition covers adorn the outside of the engine while dual fuel injectors are claimed to improve both performance and fuel mileage. To reduce operating temperatures, the water pump is redesigned and the cylinder and head accommodate the changes to the cooling system. The oil circulation has also been redesigned to help keep the engine running cooler as well. 

Gearing has been updated to have smaller gaps between each gear and a lighter shift cam helps with the shifting process. A neutral sensor has been added, and Beta updated the EFI mapping across the range. For chassis related changes, the four-strokes received all of the changes that the two-strokes did with a new frame, subframe, suspension valving, and more. The four-stroke fuel tanks are bumped up to 2.4 gallons for the new year. 

Beta is offering a 125cc/200cc/250cc/300cc two-stroke and 350cc/390cc/430cc/500cc four-strokes for 2020. Two-strokes will be available in dealers beginning in September while four-strokes arrive in November. 

Back for 2020 is the BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program allowing you to tailor fit your ride right from the factory. Also, they will be offering Beta’s with customized suspension setups or just as a stock unit.

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