2018 KTM Fuel-Injected Two-Stroke Riding Impression Video

The Future Of Two-Stroke.

Watch as Jimmy Lewis reviews the engine performance of KTM’s new TPI Fuel-Injected two-stroke. Riding both the 300 and 250cc XC-W versions (or EXC worldwide) in the famous trails of the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria, “Most rider’s would never even know it is fuel injected if they were blindfolded,” claims Lewis. At the press launch DBT rode a number of different bikes, from box stock to machines that were modified with KTM Hardparts accessories and even a Six Day’s edition. We’ll leave the finer details of the chassis and suspension for our full test when we get a unit back in the US but for the most part the character is very resemblant of the 2017 model.

Read the full impression of the bike here: 2018 KTM TPI Two-Stroke riding impression

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