2019 Honda CRF450X Video Review

Video Reviews of the 2019 Honda CRF450X

Want to watch a bunch of guy wearing a lot of the same gear riding through a lot of the same sections say a lot of the same things about the same bike? Sure you do. Welcome to our beadown of the 2019 Honda CRF450X and what us and the others had to say about the bike. DBT continues to bring you what we feel are the most informative videos for your 3:45 attention span and stack them up with the other reviewers so you can see what everyone has to say and then make judgement. About the bike, of course. Leave the presenters out of this…

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Here is what we had to say after a day on the bike:

Then we took one away and rode it more so you could read even more information. Read? Yes, read the first impression here: 2019 Honda 450X First Riding Impression.

Oh, we did this too:

Trust us, riders who won’t do this will still tell you you need more power?!?

Dirt Bike Magazine didn’t get the memo to wear the new Blue Fox Legion Gear. But they felt mostly the same as us.

Vital MX has this to say from a more novice rider’s point of view

Want to hear what Honda has to say? Here is their video:

Want to hear a robot read the spec sheet with glam metal playing in the background and crappy press provided images with the site’s superimposed image slapped across them? No you don’t. But when we dug this gem up over 14,000 of you morons had watched this crap already. Keep it up and this is what you’ll get more of. Repeat after us, three times: I am a YouTube watching machine, I will watch every video. I am a YouTube watching machine, I will watch every video.I am a YouTube watching machine, I will watch every video.

Thanks for watching and get out and ride more!

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