Advertise With Dirt Bike Test

Well, you can and you can’t, that’s what makes us different.

There are a few premium placements on our sliders, but those are typically sold out. We have Video Shows and Podcasts, a growing portion of our content. And there is the Digital Magazine.

Dirt Bike Test’s Product and Bike Tests on the web site are free from advertising banners or sponsorships. It promotes a clean look and is less distracting to the viewer.  Yet a company can pay to have a product tested in a professional manner by real riders who understand that other real riders are seeking solid information about bikes and products. The testing will be completed and a report delivered where the company will have the right to choose if the test will be published.  If the test is published, the paying company will also control where the “buy now”  or “linking” buttons direct viewers. Results of testing will not influenced in any way by a paying company because that directly affects our credibility, the most important aspect of this site.

You can look at it as advertising, call it “pay to play” or take it for what it really is, professional real-world testing by qualified professionals who will help you better your product. It is like having an outside R&D service to deliver a fresh perspective and look at a bike or product through unbiased eyes. Then have the opportunity to tell the world about it.

Does that mean only “good” or “positive” tests will show up on Dirt Bike Test?

Not at all as we will also test products we may buy or be given. With that the result of the test is ours to publish—good or bad, positive or negative.

At the bottom of every test there will be links where a viewer may directly purchase that product from companies Dirt Bike Test has partnerships with. By buying a tested product through those links, you are supporting Dirt Bike Test.

Traditional advertising is available in our entertainment section of the site, called Fresh Dirt and in our Digital Magazine. The Fresh Dirt section and Magazine format will have all types of entertaining moto info, from columns and commentary to tech articles and product comparisons. You may even see a cute girl or two.

For advertising information, rates on having products tested contact us.